As you may have heard, there is a hate group that is having a national rally on August 24th. We thought that would be a fun date and time (different location) to celebrate the diverse make-up of our city.

Please show your support of our many communities by attending our celebration. In addition to our keynote speaker, Rabbi Dennis Sasso, there will be two hours of free entertainment, including music from Los Urbanos, Big Fun Reggae, and the Indianapolis Men’s and Women’s Choruses. We will also have various ethnic dance groups and informational booths. We are hopeful that vendors in the City Market will open and provide some great food!

And please, pass this on to at least ten of your friends and ask them to do the same and so on. The bigger the crowd the louder the message that Indianapolis is proud of its diversity!

For more information contact:Karen Celestino Horseman (317) 633-4007,

Ricardo Gambetta (317) 327-7955, or Sonia Ajiboye (317) 926-5041