At a personal time when I am feeling very distant from many things, I dread talking about politics. Nevertheless, I feel that not to talk about politics is trying to hide from a fact that affects everyone here in the United States and even more abroad, especially in all the underdeveloped countries.

It would be nice to talk about politics under a universal code of ethics, where the values, thoughts and above all the lives of everyone would be sacred. But that principle does not rule in politics.

In United States many people will vote against Bush. But, do we know what Mr. Kerry is really offering? And will he be able to prevail against the pressure from the lobbysts that have contributed to his campaign?

It is like the previous election again. We do not know much more now than we did then about how politics function here.

United States has changed the way trading is done worldwide. With its help other powerful countries continue to deplete the richness of the earth, and in doing so pollution and devastation continue worldwide also.

The military expansion is present in more countries now than four years ago. Now even more the military presence, armaments and influence has grown in every other country. Are we training the new Husseins, or Noriegas?

So I wish we did not have to think about elections, but the reality is that more and more immigrants will come from impoverished countries as a result of unfair trading practices. They constitute good, cheap labor in times when work abounds, and can be sent back when necessary. Does that affect any of us?

And concerning the local government; do we know how Kernan’s policies have affected the Latinos in Indiana? Do we know how Daniels feels about the Latino presence in the state? Do we know where they stand concerning the drivers licenses and immigrant students entering college? Do you think that affects you?

If you think this does not affect you, then think about your country of origin and why did you come here. If you did not care then, and you do not care now, we still have a hard lesson to learn.