New Wildflower/Wildlife Sanctuaries in South Bend Are At Their Peak!

Released from:
Mayor Stephen J. Luecke’s Office

Members of South Bend’s Division of Sewers are using a creative new approach for the maintenance of the 58 retention basins located throughout the City and in the process are building wildlife sanctuaries for indigenous birds and animals.  

Instead of “business as usual”, one of the Sewer teams including Supervisor John Pemberton, Don Davis, Mike Hoffman, and Bob Verhegen, and under the direction of Manager Larry Cook are employing Mayor Luecke’s 21st Century Clean City Initiative to further South Bend’s beautification efforts.  Like the streetscape enhancements Downtown, the Sewer crew is “greening” up other areas of the city as well.  In addition, the new wildflower planting program will also save the city in annual operating costs for maintenance.

Through this new pilot program, the crew is planting retention basins with a spectacular mix of wildflowers.  The first two sites completed this year include the retention basin at the corner of F.J. Nimtz Parkway and Kenmore (approx. 1 mile west of Bendix) and at the Main Entrance to the Public Works Service Center (off S. Lafayette just north of the County Jail).

The wildflowers are nearing peak bloom, which is expected early next week.  Attached, please find photos taken last week.  The City will hold a media briefing at 11 AM Tuesday, August 10 at the Nimtz Parkway Retention Basin.  The Division of Sewer’s team will be on hand to outline how the program works, the cost savings expected, and plans for expanding the program in 2005 and beyond.

If you have questions, Gary Gilot, Director of Public Works is available today and through Noon on Saturday at 235-5923.  On Monday, Larry Cook and John Pemberton are available at 235-9244.