Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Mexican Matrícula Consular (MCAS)

* Matrícula Consular de Alta Seguridad (or MCAS, for it’s initials in Spanish) means High Security Consular Registration Document. As such, it is the official record for Mexican individuals living abroad.




The Mexican Pulse

By Glenn Holland

Mexico City, Aug. 9 ­ Active Mexican politicians enjoy political immunity. If they commit a crime, they cannot be punished. In fact, there are several senators with ties to the Pemexgate scandal that are still free only because of this special immunity.



New Wildflower/Wildlife Sanctuaries in South Bend Are At Their Peak!

Released from:
Mayor Stephen J. Luecke’s Office

Members of South Bend’s Division of Sewers are using a creative new approach for the maintenance of the 58 retention basins located throughout the City and in the process are building wildlife sanctuaries for indigenous birds and animals.