Ukrainian and Mexican students attending summer school, visited the Goshen Public Library. The Library’s staff gave them a tour and showed them the wonderful things that the library has to offer.


This young man ‘Water Skiing’ without water entertained the crown watching the 4-H parade. (Photo: Axel Hernández)


‘Mom’s against Gangs’ was one of the participants at the parade this past July 24. They have been providing thoughtful and fun opportunities to a group of teenagers during the summer. (Photo: Axel Hernández)


The karate students also participated in the 4-H Parade in Goshen. (Photo: Axel Hernández)

A Comprehensive Immigration Bill That Works

Although the left and right differ on just about every political issue, both agree that the current immigration situation does not work. Last year President George W. Bush made a proposal that seemed to have promise. The president’s plan would allow guest workers into the US if their services are needed. At the same time, undocumented workers already in the US could apply for temporary work permits.