In the Park We Art

Saturday, August 9th there was an exciting evening of music and art in the park next to the Roosevelt Center. Titled, “In the Park We Art,” the event ran from 6:00-8:00pm, and included: Light Riderz, Christian hip-hop group; “417,” a short community play; DJ Froy, performing electronic music; 4H project presentations from the South Side Clovers club who meet in Roosevelt; and children’s games hosted by the Hidalgo Community Center.

The presentations and activities emphasized involving neighborhood young people in positive activities, and are organized by Historic Roosevelt Center Association’s Activities Committee.

Various performers ­ young and old ­ from diverse backgrounds provided entertainment on the steps of the Historic Roosevelt Center facing the park.

Jason Shenk, Community Organizer LaCasa, Inc, Historic Roosevelt Center. 215 E. Indiana Avenue, Elkhart

The Historic Roosevelt Center Association hosts “417,” a story of deferred dreams turning to shattered innocence. Here Hubert Cooley (Tim Bailey, left) plans to leave home to pursue his dreams while hisson, James Lee (Paul Bertha, center) and wife, Gertrude (Gabrielle Bertha) observe. The association hosted an evening with art in the park next to the Roosevelt Center in Elkhart on August 9, and will hold its next meeting at the building at 7pm, August 25.

Jose Luis Marquez (left) of the Hidalgo Community Center organizes a“bag race” for kids at the park next to the Roosevelt Center on August 9. The Hidalgo Community Center works with the neighborhood 4-H Club and provided children’s activities for the Historic Roosevelt Center Association’s evening of art in the park.