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  • Edición impresa de Agosto 6, 2013


July came and went and as Congress began one of its vacation periods, the immigrants, their families and all the advocates that hoped for a comprehensive immigration bill, were left once more waiting to see what the next step shall be.

The House rejected the Senate bill on Immigration Reform by saying that each item would have to be approved by the majority. So they want to work on parts of the bill making changes that would exclude millions of people.

The next congressional session will begin on September 9. That means that there are five weeks left full of demonstrations, calling, e-mailing and contacting political figures that may influence the outcome of Immigration Reform in Congress.

Reviewing the history facts concerning the civil rights time, and the same kind of struggles here and in other countries, one has to realize that demonstrations are not effective unless the machinery of the economy stops to listen,

For example, let’s we look at it on a minor scale. Suppose I have a renter who complains every week and threatens to “do something about it’, unless I fix the electric wiring in the house. I can choose to politely say that we can discuss the matter. I will look into the cost. I will look for someone to do the right job,

Sure enough I sound like I am going to comply with doing my part. After all, the individual is paying the rent month after month. If he doesn’t pay, I have grounds to evict him. If he pays, I can continue to dialogue without ever solving the problem, but being very civil about the procedure. Because the landlord is not financially affected in any way, the discussion can be burdensome, but pointless.

Because most immigrants are afraid to lose their jobs, especially now when it is rather difficult to get a job, they will not willingly stop working in the factories or in the fields to provide the food for everyone’s table. On the contrary, they will continue to endure the situation as long as they or any of their relatives are not deported.

They may appear at one or several of the many demonstrations, they will carry banners, and shout. They will walk long distances and spend their little free time trying to convince the government members that they deserve to be part of this country because they have earned their way here.

Financial, legal and humanitarian arguments have been presented to the majority party. Nevertheless it continues to be cheaper to have a large captive fifth rate population that is willing to work under any conditions and continue to plead for justice.

What is going to take for Congress to listen and DO something about the immigration reform?

Do the immigrants and families have to wait until 2014? 2015? Or are we waiting for more and more families to be torn apart by deportations?

What can the immigrant population do to stop the machinery? Do we have any lessons from the past that may throw some light into this situation?

The people and community leaders have been brave enough. Now what’s next?




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