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I wish I could remain with the sound of the ocean in my memory, thinking of the sun and people enjoying themselves at the beach.

I have placed a seashell to each of my ears and listened to the sound of the sea, immersing myself in a sound so related to the universe. I have invited others to do the same, in order to avoid stress and think of greater things than daily tasks.

Nevertheless, the possibility of a stress free life in the midst of people suffering is not a possibility.

I imagine many of us would like to think of peaceful times ahead where people can enjoy the product of their work, and be part of society by contributing their work and ethics. That dream is shattered for millions of families living in the US today.

There are millions of people in our midst who are severely affected by decisions of politicians who can get their earnings and go home for a vacation after causing great distress to families throughout the nation. Before leaving for their summer vacation, Republicans in Congress decided to turn back the deferred action for childhood arrivals, cancelling their work authorization and turning them into undocumented immigrants prone to deportation.

DACA, as the program has been called, gave the opportunity to thousands of young people to come out of the shadows and become members of the wider society. They have been able to get a Social Security number, therefore being able to work within the law, get driver’s licenses, have access to better education and above all, become active members of a society that educated them and has invested in a common future that benefits everyone.

Up to now the bill is only a signal from Republicans about their intentions toward the immigrant population. Several stages have to go through for it to become a law. Meanwhile, those who already have applied to DACA, and are now renewing their paper work, see themselves again in uncertain territory.

They risked their identities and those of their families because they trusted the good intentions of the new program. What will now be the outcome of all this?

The border crisis, another human tragedy, was used as part of the response to block immigrants to USA.

Even though the situation is critical, we must also remember that while voting against the immigrants was taking place in Congress, thousands marched on Washington the following day, demanding an executive action to stop deportations. Organizations, advocates, churches, businesses and thousands of people of goodwill continue to fight for them and with them.

A partial list of participating organizations included:  National Day Laborer Organizing Network, the #Not1More Campaign, AFL-CIO, UFCW, Olmeca, Southerners On New Ground, Undocumented Illinois, Jobs with Justice, Juntos Philadelphia, Familia, Trans Queer Liberation Movement, San Diego Dream Team, CIYJA, Unitarian Universalist Association, ICIRR, Unidad Latina en Acción, GLAHR, Congress of Day Laborers, Trabajadores Unidos de DC, Voces de la Frontera, and many others.

The young people in this country have shown courage and resilience, we cannot be less active in supporting them. We must continue helping them in the fight.




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