The impact of September 11 on the United States has not ceased. On the contrary, repercussions from that day appear everyday, represented mostly in the actions taken by the US government. Immediately after the tragic event, the public in general reacted in solidarity. Almost a year has passed and a feeling prevails of being threatened by the presence of foreign looking individuals. The media in particular gives more attention to the US side of the stories contributing to the misinformation campaign.

Several further steps taken after September 11, have created an anti-terrorist crusade that has created a persecution against immigrants, refu-gees and those who seek asylum, and it extends to people of color in general who are treated as suspects. ......

In the forthcoming anniversary of 9/11 we will be re-enacting the events and hardening our position about it. Are we loving enough? Do we let go, in order to hear what life has for us or do we spend most of our time fighting as the world teaches? Do we dare share with those around us? Have we had time to expand our circle to those who are not like us?

The tensions created by our human nature that feed in greed, self-centeredness and lack of love, continue to be the same. The history of humankind has been recorded as a history of violence. Sometimes we forget the unrecorded history of acts of love and courage of millions of people who shone with love and grace. The initial reaction of solidarity and reflection after 9/11 has changed. There is a call to ‘do something’ against the enemy who is outside us. But isn’t the enemy in us?

At the local level we can also see this happening when we can not get along with other groups and we demonized people but do not question the system that has created the situations.

I want to congratulate the new Hispanic/Latino Health Coalition of Elkhart County , Michiana Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the creation of the new Latino radio station from LULAC. All the people involved in these efforts are creating new opportunities for the Hispanic community and the community at large by taking responsibility in being part of the progress of the region. They also are good role models for our young people who can learn from the entrepeneural achievement at all levels that Latinos have shown in the area.