President Showalter’s address:

Welcome to Sauder Concert Hall in Goshen College’s new Music Center.Welcome to a building created to provide spaces that will accentuate and magnify our joyful noises. Welcome to a time when the music facilities at Goshen College finally match the talent, scholarship and teaching ability of our faculty. And, finally, welcome to a Music Center that simultaneously makes us proud because of its beauty and keeps us humble, since each brick and board are here because of the generosity of others.

In a wing to my left, the college’s community music school will continue to teach aspiring young musicians the art of music, whether they wish their fingers to tickle the ivories or run a bow across strings. In a wing to my right, Goshen’s largest art gallery will feature the work of accomplished artists from around the world. And the spaces in this building will be available to host community events, music workshops, festivals or other gatherings.

Music has been a key thread in the fabric of this college since the school was founded in 1894. That year, instructors taught just 16 courses. One was in vocal music. Indeed, the chorus of our alma mater includes the words, “Goshen College, ever singing.” Over the past century, Goshen College music programs have educated leaders in church music, provided $1 music lessons to children from low-income families, inspired hymns and provided entertainment and worship for audiences and congregations locally and across the country, including New York’s Carnegie Hall. But, more importantly, music will continue to be woven into the fabric of our future through the students who will learn in this space, the professors who will teach, the performers who will play and the spectators who will listen.

Ryan Miller , Director of Campus News Bureau, Goshen College