“Latin Festival of the Arts”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Latin Festival of the Arts?”

“Latin Festival of the Arts at the Artsgarden” is a two-week celebration saluting Indiana’s Latin-American art and artists through a variety of art forms, from traditional and contemporary mambo, salsa, bosonova, and bolero music to dance, and the visual arts.


When is “Latin Festival of the Arts?”

The dates for the 2003 celebration at the Artsgarden are September 15th through the 29th.


What are some “Latin Festival of the Arts” highlights for 2003?

During the week you can look for programming centered around specific themes: Salsa Mondays will highlight mambo and salsa music; Traditional Tuesdays will revisit the traditional romantic music of Chile; and Latin Jazz Days will showcase Afro-Cuban jazz.


What is the mission of “Latin Festival of the Arts?”

The festival’s mission is to provide a forum for residents of central Indiana to celebrate and commemorate the contributions of Latin-American artists to our community. The festival is a commemoration of Hispanic Heritage Month and the artistic achievements of Indiana’s Latin-Americans.


Who manages “Latin Festival of the Arts?”

“Latin Festival of the Arts” is a program developed and implemented by the Arts Council.


What is the Arts Council of Indianapolis?

The Arts Council of Indianapolis is central Indiana’s chief arts resource, which seeks to build the community through the arts by developing visibility, funding, audiences, information, and partnerships.


How and when did “Latin Festival of the Arts” begin?

The inaugural celebration will take place this September. The Arts Council is launching the celebration to further meet the purpose of the Indianapolis Artsgarden to serve as the cultural centerpiece and arts destination for central Indiana.


Where can I get a detailed calendar of events?

To receive a calendar of Latin Festival of the Arts events, call the Arts Council at (317) 631-3301, or log on to www.indyarts.org.


Where is the Artsgarden?

The Indianapolis Artsgarden is located above the intersection of Washington and Illinois streets.


What are some contact numbers for “Latin Festival of the Arts?”

Arts Council: (317) 631-3301 Artsgarden: (317) 624-2565

TicketCentral: (317) 624-2563 E-mail: indyarts@indyarts.org