In this time of celebrations it is easy to see who is really celebrating with others and who is making a business out of the celebration.

I remember not long ago reading how the 5 de Mayo celebration has received a lot of importance in United States due to the fact that the major beer companies sponsor the events.

In this order of things, I respect and admire very much the people from the Mexican Consulate in Indianapolis. In each event sponsored by them, they have made sure that it is a cultural, educational event with lots of participation from the organizations and individuals.

I also want to highlight how there were many celebrations scheduled for the Mexican Independence Day in Indianapolis and other cities. Many of those celebrations had taken many days of preparation, the invitations had been sent out and the media had already printed some releases concerning the event, nevertheless the consulate decided to cancel all the celebrations given the serious condition of Governor Frank O’Bannon.

It takes more than a good diplomat, it is also a matter of the heart, to have a measure of when to go ahead with business as usual and when to have some sense of decency and stop partying.

I commend the attitude of those who recognized the grief and worry of the people in the state of Indiana and let go of their plans, thus including the Latino people in the process of living together with the community at large.

I encourage people to continue sponsoring and attending fundraisers for good causes. Life always gives us the opportunity to chose. In this country you have a broader opportunity to choose how and where to live, you also have the opportunity to spend your money and your time as you wish. When there is a good cause to support by all means, let’s attend and spend so that it benefits others. Let’s just make sure that the benefit is not for a store, individual gain or a corporation.

Most of us came from countries where people were used as means to escalate and earn more. In this country we have ample opportunity to participate in actions that benefit others such as building houses for the poor, getting scholarships for young people, helping people get medical assistance and many others. The nonprofit organizations and churches are always in need of a couple of extra hands, new talents, money and time to help them. Let us celebrate with them.