Nature appears to be angry and it has moved in ways that people were not expecting. The strong and intense hurricanes and storms that have come so far over the Caribbean, Mexico and United States make us realize how fragile we are against the forces of nature.

Places like Granada, where hurricane Ivan destroyed ninety percent of housing and killed some people, let us know that no matter how strong we feel, the truth is that everything that we posses can be taken away in a minute. It is going to be very difficult for the people in Granada, probably uninsured, and with no other means to reconstruct their surroundings.

Jamaica was not only hit, but also some lives were lost, and in Cuba most of the housing in Punta Gorda was completely flattened, and also some lives were taken. Meanwhile as Ivan continued to vandalize and destroy the islands, it took its toll in Cancun, Mexico and came full force onto mainland US.

At the same time the storm Jeanne hit very hard the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. And the storm is also heading towards United States.

The coastal states Louisiana, Alabama and Florida received the strong winds and rains, and also the tornados that resulted from Ivan have destroyed many places in Florida. The strong winds have gone as far as Tennessee, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Two more storms are brewing in the Atlantic and they promise to follow the same path as Ivan.

The force of nature has been the same at all these places no matter what their political or religious thoughts are. Every person in the path of the storms was frightened and felt powerless. There was no army that could protect them.

Reconstruction will be almost impossible for those who live outside the United States because they do not have the physical resources to rebuild.

The tragedy is just beginning for many of them. Life has been hard and there is not much to go around. Food is scarce, jobs are hard to find, and now they are empty handed.

How much does one need in order to live? How much does one spend every day in order to accumulate things? How many times have we seen people losing all because of an act of nature, war, or some tragic event? Do the survivors start again and refocus on the same patterns? What can we share at a time like this?

Many questions come to my mind as I see the faces of desolation and despair of those who have lost part of their lives in the recent events.