1000 victims and 2-nation destroyer for Mr. Bush

When I returned from Iraq, I visited the burial site of my son Jesus.

I said to him, "My son, many of your comrades have fallen in this war, more than 400 precious and vibrant young people like you. Tell me, my son, when will this end? How many more will have to die before the suffering stops? Give me a sign, my son." And I wept that day. As the months passed, the dying continued and more Brilliant youth and thousands of Iraqi children were lost.

On September 3, Mr. Bush accepted the nomination of the Republican Party for the presidency of this great and beautiful country. Among other things he said that the death of our troops hurt him deeply but that this is the price of our freedom, the price of our way of life, the price of living in a democracy. He said that millions of people are living better lives.

But I pose the question: to whom does Mr. Bush refer? More than a thousand of our children lost in Iraq, two thousand distraught parents, one thousand families destroyed. These families do not enjoy the way of life Mr. Bush talks about. We do not feel free nor have we received the least bit of gratitude from Mr. Bush beyond the medal ceremonies that serve as props for political campaigns. Alone

in our homes, we have not heard one word from Mr. Bush or his administration.

As I write these words, another family is receiving the news that their child has been killed in combat. The numbers continue to rise. How much longer? How many lives, how many families, how many orphaned children will be traumatized before this immoral war based on lies comes to an end?

Today, my wife and my daughters asked me, "What is the meaning of all this dying? Will your struggle for peace have any effect? When will the American people and the politicians understand that Bush is destroying us?"

The answer will be given on November 2.