The deportation of Elvira Arellano should not proceed.

The March 10th Movement declares its unconditional solidarity with Elvira Arellano and La Familia Unida, and with all immigrants in deportation procedures in Illinois and in the whole country..


YWCA of St. Joseph County

Elonda Wilder-Hamilton

The YWCA launches the Paint the Town Purple campaign

The YWCA of St. Joseph County will launch the Paint the Town Purple campaign on October 1 in observance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The month-long campaign will focus on raising the public awareness of domestic violence and on the impact of domestic violence in St. Joseph County.



Do you know someone who would like to learn the English Language?  The WaNee Community Education Program can help!  Send them to the Nappanee Public Library for “English as a New Language” each Tuesday and Thursday evening beginning September 5th.  This course is designed for individuals with a limited knowledge of English who want to learn to speak the language and improve their communication skills.  Class meets from 6 ­ 8 pm through October 26th, to practice speaking, reading, and writing.  Cost for the course is $40 per student.

For more information or to register, call (574) 773-7919 or go to and click on the Community Education Calendar. 

Registration forms with full class listings for the current session of the WaNee Community Education Program are also available at the Nappanee Public Library, Wakarusa Public Library, and the WaNee Schools Administration Office.

Sharon Mellin, Director of Elkhart County Democratic party and Allan Kauffman, Goshen mayor, in front of the Democratic Party Headquarters in the inauguration event. (photo; Axel Hernandez).

“La polución de las playas no es buena ni para los niños ni otros seres vivientes”. Beach pollution originates with a variety of sources, including human, animal, agricultural and industrial waste, as well as leaked motor oil and gasoline, among other contaminants flushed out to coastal regions. Swimming in contaminated beach water can expose people to harmful chemicals bacteria and viruses. North of the border, Canadians can worry less about contaminated ocean beaches due to less developed coastlines.tGetty Images”.