The term globalization makes reference to economic and trading issues.  Bankers, big corporations and financing institutions are glad to have international agreements that can increase their capitals and power.  On the other hand if we are talking about other fields of human interaction what we see is a more difficult daily life for millions of people from all over the globe.  Therefore one can assume that global economy brings along global poverty.

If we were to consider the well being of the planet and the people that inhabit it, it would be fair to think that free trade which means freedom to transfer goods from one place to another without any particular blockages, it should also mean that the people affected by trading should also have the unrestricted freedom to seek a way of living anywhere in the world.

Nevertheless, as we read the news from the ‘first world’, we can see that human migration is considered a burden and a problem.

The unilateral actions from the US government against the undocumented immigrants are proof that human beings are not taken into consideration as the globalization equation is applied.

The same NAFTA agreement, that under other names, also encompasses Central and South American countries is the same instrument that has driven people away from their land.  The people leave their land because they cannot compete with the international agro-industry.  They have to sell their lands or abandon them and look for work in the cities. The influence of several steps taken by their governments in detriment of their modest way of life, converts them into a sea of displaced people.

Economic violence in some cases creates a good environment for social distress, dissatisfaction and rebellion.  In other instances any kind of violence against the masses creates uprooting and displacement.

When talking with immigrants to US very few of them will say that they wanted to come here and stay.  Many of them dreamed of making some money and going back to their places of origin. The continuous and increased effect of globalization and violence in their respective land makes them aware that it is not feasible to go back, on the contrary they serve as bridges for their relatives and friends to come and live here.

From the beginning they do not expect to be supported or fed by anyone.  They come to work and in doing so they have improved the economy and living standards of many places in US.

Once more while the military expenditure and war cost has been evident to US citizens another magic act takes place.  The illusionist moves the right hand to focus everyone’s attention on the immigrants and national security is linked to their presence.  The general public concentrates on the growing numbers of workers in the country, but it does not realize that the unfair treatment to other countries has created this climate of insecurity due to the enemies that the repeated war actions have created.

I feel sorry for the many immigrant families that are being disintegrated and are being subject to deportation, or incarceration.  I also feel sorry for many of the good people in this country who do not know what is really happening in their own territory.  I hope that election time will bring to the forefront the individual actions that have helped created the current situation of insecurity in US and the world.