In my opinion immigrants are the most grateful and kind children anyone could have.  Even though they leave their mother countries, they are always thinking of them.  Their daily lives are intertwined with their past and all the richness that comes from the places and people that saw them grow and then leave.

For them September 15 in the United States has that bittersweet flavor of dreams past, a hard present and a very uncertain future.   On that date Mexicans and Central Americans of five different countries celebrate ‘Independence Day’.  In doing so they recreate the festivities held in their countries of origin; they remember the music, the food and partying.

Why do I call them grateful?  because they only remember the good.  They forget the reasons that led them to come to a foreign land and language and all the hardships that have accompanied them.

That is not all though. Their greatness goes beyond remembering the good.  It is proven by the way they sometimes go without many things in their new places in order to support the people they left behind.  Even more, they constitute the major or second type of revenue their countries receive from abroad including the case of exports and others.

They dream of going back and helping their towns and making life better for family and friends.

Meanwhile, they remain here trying to catch some music and food from their country at the local stores and getting together with people from their own country, or from any Spanish speaking country.

In United States the Latino immigrants celebrate their language, their music, their food and at the same time they send their hard earned dollars to subsidize what their governments have been incapable of providing.

The immigrants come and they do appreciate the country that is giving them a new opportunity in life, but they cannot forget their own mother. How can you blame them?

Imagine then what they are willing to do for their adoptive parent if they have such a big heart for the place that let them down but they continue to love.

Most immigrants that you talk to still like their food, traditions and language better, but they also love the cities that have been hospitable to them. They learn the language and start to celebrate new traditions.  They try hard to adapt to new circumstances, but do not ever ask them to forget or forgo what they left behind.

As part of the Independence celebrations I salute the millions of immigrants from any country who have come here to work and make life better in the places where globalization has ruined their way of life.

I admire those people who have come from other countries at any time in history and were able to adapt to a new society with a heart open for the present and the past.

Above all, they are finding their own independence and liberty in a world that needs citizens of earth willing to work for themselves and for others.