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How to measure success? 

If we take a look at the continuous messages to be successful, they are all linked with how much you earn and how fast you spend or invest it.

You are successful if after long years of studying, you are able to get a highly respected and well-remunerated job.  The problem is that it is the first step to a never-ending competition and you are hooked on attaining status by the way you dress, where you live and eat and so on.

 If you hold a clerical position you do not have to spend the same as when you are the boss. After all if you are successful you must show it by setting the standards. 

Fortunately the downturn of the economy has prompted people to review where they are going and why. 

More than one individual is asking him/herself what ever happened to all that money I earned?  And now that they must leave their house and have no job, where are they going to keep all those shoes, suits, etc, etc?  How are they going to pay for all those lease-to- own items?  And how can they keep up with a social life that mandates going to expensive places for food and entertainment? Who are your friends?  Do you really have friends? Or are they acquaintances with a common interest, such as work, sports, specific activities, where you share just that part of your life but nobody really knows you or cares who you are.

As part of your education were you trained to look and respond in a certain manner in order to get where you are? Or on the contrary you were asked to inquire who you wanted to become and were you encouraged to find first within yourself the elements that made you unique? Were you encouraged to question how things are done and were you allowed to contribute to different perspectives and solutions? Or were you told to comply with the rules, reach consensus and above all try to be nice and not argumentative when discussing issues? Were you told a thousand and one times “how to” present, discuss and carry on a discussion? 

For most people success is money and social status and both are attained through education.  Should we question though if we are educating ourselves and others for the current economy and way of life, or should we be questioning how the economic, social and health situation have turned so chaotic because we have stopped being true to ourselves.

Are we teaching children and ourselves about the joy of learning ‘per se’, as the means of discovering life and not just the way to earn more?

Have we lost our surroundings and ignore them because watching far away lands and animals is more enticing that going to the local park?

Is it easy to text message or e-mail someone instead of talking to your next-door neighbor, your spouse or children?

Summarizing, are you studying enough? And how successful do you plan to be? Last of all what are you studying and learning?






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