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  • Edición impresa de Septiembre 15, 2009.

A new vision for today’s world

There is always tension between discussing the growing amount of problems that communities and individuals are facing, or enforcing the basic talents and strengths that they have to face those realities.  I have chosen to do the later.

The general media with its avalanche of bad news inspires fear and immobilizes people. Children and adults are exposed now not only to all the evil things that happen around them, but also what happens thousands of miles away.

We are supposed to be fearful of contagious pandemics, lack of jobs, scarcity, hunger, no health insurance and many other things that paint a somber present and future for anyone of us.

In the midst of all this bad news, we do not get enough news about the good and resourceful things that are happening in society.

Families are living with less, yet they seem to be happier.  They are learning to live in better relationship with their relatives and neighbors.  Children are finding new friends and entertainment in parks and outings as a family.  Sounds corny?   Probably.  People are not looking forward to Disneyworld or expensive entertainment spots.  They have decided that is worthwhile to learn about their surroundings before spending a lot of gas or money in far away places. After all what do all those visitors see in our place; why don’t we find out?

Even teachers and schools are thinking twice about enforcing that ‘new books every five years policy’, since math and science have not changed that much in that period of time and if it does the new information can be found through the internet and be copied.

There has been an abundance of gardens and exchange of information about how to grow them. That gives a double profit by getting healthy food and friendship at the same time.

It is not that there are no problems in life.  But we may chose to approach it differently in order not to survive, but to really live.

If we had the opportunity to do a serious inventory of all the things we do have and be grateful for them, we could look at adversity as something that exists but does not outweigh the positive.

There is nothing complicated about this.  Mothers usually know how to turn things around, and lately everyone who has decided that a bad economy is not going to get the best of them, has also found that out.

Those who operate in faith have a wide advantage in this path.  People of faith acknowledge that everything that surrounds them may not exist tomorrow, but their faith sustains them.  They are grateful for every ray of light, birds, and green grass and above all for every human being that crosses their path. When a problem hits them, after the first blow they are ready to find out what God has for them in this.

When you share the load with others and help others with their load there is a better opportunity to move ahead and leave behind the bad attitude that others carry.

So it is your choice to let the bad news control your life or find out about the many inner and outer resources available.

I wish you new vision to find that new job, get out of debt, change your health for the better and improve your relationships with others.






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