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  • Edición impresa de Septiembre 8, 2011

Those who have not been directly impacted by the weather changes can forget about what has happened. We also forget about the wars, the scenes of violence and all the problems that occur everywhere. Those who have been in the midst of the problem have to live with the consequences.

We have gotten used to watching life go by like a movie on TV, therefore if we want we can change the channel and forget about what is going on. After all it is not fun to watch people and places that have undergone, fires, floods, wind damage and so on. It is also very disturbing to watch scenes of people fighting in Africa, Middle East or South America. It is rather difficult to try to understand why and how things have developed to the point where people kill each other and the killing goes on for years.

As I said before, there is a tendency here to forget about all those places and change the channel to comedy, entertainment, music or something that helps retain a quiet relaxing moment. After all going to work, dealing with the family, paying debts takes all our energy; who has time for other matters. Living this way we may also forget the inter-connection of all things.

Somewhere I read that we are like a finger on a hand; in order for the hand to work all fingers are like one. So if one forgets the other fingers there is no hand. If we listen and see only the regular news, so many things wrong may overwhelm us and we do not see the thousands of things that are going right.

There is less money and people have adjusted to living with less and yet they live more. There is more time to think, exercise, but most of all there is a shift taking place and people are taking matters into their own hands, not by violent means, but by changing the way in which they do things and how they relate to each other.

Have you noticed how many gardens were initiated locally this year? And how many families have decided to join in the effort or grow their own gardens? How many people are turning again to canning and freezing their own food? How many children are being involved in these efforts? How many older people are contributing their knowledge to make things easier? And how many young people are finding new ways to do the old things without ruining the land and water? How can all this be important to the rest of the world?

I think the more people in US regain control of their lives and what they plant, and consume, there will be less pressure in other parts of the world to over plant and ruin their lands in order to fill the pockets of those who run the businesses here and there. People in US lost control over where their moneys went and how they were used to fight wars that help tyrants stay in power and how the multinational companies have bribed and corrupt governments all over the world.

There is a silent movement in this land that is becoming a loud voice through actions. Their actions are more loving and compassionate that the cheap generosity that appears when appeals are made for disasters world wide, yet nothing is done to work at what causes the disasters. There is total disregard for finding real solutions.

This is a time of profound changes in the United States. It is a time of hope and new dreams, where earning and consuming are not the rule. There is hope when people decide to walk alongside each other and change things and their way of life.






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