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  • Edición impresa de Septiembre 6, 2012

The ‘Dreamers’ are rushing to make their dreams come true… and many unscrupulous opportunists are trying to make a lot of money with this new immigration process.

Even though the list of required documents is very clear, there still is room for questions that could easily be resolved by reading through the material and getting the appropriate guidance. The offers from attorneys, and even those who are not, to speed up the process or help for a high amount of money are just nightmares to the dream.

There should be a community advisory in each town and city that could hear the stories of immigrants who have filed these and other kind of processes and never had any positive results. Such an advisory taskforce could denounce to the proper authorities the wrongdoings that are taking place. Some attorneys could be exposed and disbarred for abusing their authority and degree to get away with these things, and sometimes even threatening the client because he/she is an undocumented person.

Where can people go to tell about how they are being treated, and not be afraid that they will be deported for speaking out? In some instances there has been more harm than good done when the wrong paper was filed or the moneys paid never reached the government and remained in the pockets of the ‘helper’.

In this and previous editions we have tried to include information about how to obtain the right information directly from the government both in English and Spanish. On this particular occasion we are publishing the list of the required documents for the Action deferral Process, and also the websites from the government where additional information can be found to stop frauds.

We know that throughout the country many of the immigrant advocates through formal organizations are trying to have workshops to inform both the young people and their families about how to best submit their paper work. There is a fee involved, not only the required fee from the US government, but also something has to be paid to those who work in this kind of procedures, but there are fair fees and others that are outrageous.

Go to and see for yourself what you need. There is also information in Spanish.

Be informed, and let others know how to do things better. Education always empowers and this is a new opportunity to educate yourself about the process and look for safe places to ask questions and get secure help.

Something to remember is that this is not an amnesty. You are getting a temporary two years work permit and it is not a path to citizenship or to help your parents or other family members. If everything goes well, after two years the work permit will be renewed, if the administration does not change the current disposition. If there is a different administration, the new president will have the right to cut the program immediately.

For now enjoy the opportunity and make the best of it!





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