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  • Edición impresa de Septiembre 5, 2013


Winds of war roar again in the country. When war issues come to the forefront of the political debate all the other issues go on the backburner.

Meanwhile supporters for immigration reform continue to rally and ask for support for their cause. Others wanting to see Obamacare become a reality also hope that Republicans do not use the issue as leverage against any other item on the agenda, for example, the immigration reform. The budget was the main issue on the agenda with threats from the Republicans to let the government go without funds by the first week of October, thus taking the first place in the rounds of talks in Congress.

A week ago the Treasury Department warned that government would lose the ability to pay its bills by the second week of October if Congress does not raise the debt ceiling.

The situation has reached a point in which many dismayed immigrants and their advocates have started to see that resolution of the immigration issue may go to 2014.

On August 23, 2013, there was a nonviolent standoff by the Arizona Dream Act Coalition at the Phoenix Immigration detention center, the purpose of which was to stop deportation of dozens of people. While the group prayed six young activists sat for two hours in front of the bus carrying the detainees. Finally after some hours the bus returned into the center.

The action brought attention to the fact that during immigration discussions the Obama administration has deported thousands of people each year, more than any other administration in history. Dreamers and advocates pray and rally for an end to the thousands of deportations that continue to separate families.

All discussions will be on hold now, since once more the US government is in the process to decide whether to launch an attack on Syria and who will be on its side.

Congressional hearings have begun on the case for intervention in Syria, while the president and politicians try to convince the general public that there is a need for military response given the use of chemical weapons against civilians in Damascus in the last days of August.

It looks like there is no hope or answer to the many problems suffered by people due to lack of a resolution on several of the issues. Maybe the ‘virtual’ scenes that make up the reality that fills the screens in many homes can be switched to watch the real agony and desperation felt by immigrants and their families who have lived and worked in this country always under the threat of discrimination, persecution and last of all deportation.

We are telling them that their daily nightmare is not important, they can wait until 2014, or maybe 2015, or when the next political campaign turns them into the hot topic of the moment.

Why is it that the politicians in Washington cannot hear the voices of those suffering and only remember them when the voting affected by immigrant relatives becomes important? On the other hand, this is not the time to abandon the struggle because our friends and relatives lives are at stake we must continue to keep the discussion alive.




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