I have seen those eyes before.....in Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala

They have the same empty stare as the ones from Indonesia,

Philippines and Somalia.

I have been close to those whose desire to survive surfaces when danger



Today one can hear the cries of pain coming from all those affected with

the tragedy in United States.

The people look at their own lives and think “ It could it been me!”

Children who watch TV, can’t fully comprehend; this is not a movie.

They will now join the thousands of children in the planet who already

know too much about violence, fear, uncertainty.


History of humankind,

written with blood, rape and death.


History of humankind,

written with greed, selfshishness, intolerance and hate.


In the name of many, few make the decisions,

sheltered behind thick walls, special security and comfort,

with a quick gesture they order others to go fight their battles.


Those few accumulate the medals and the credit,

their power rises, riding the waves of the violence generated at their command.

The millions pay with their families, their households, their disrrupted lives.

They also pay with their after-war conscience, the nightmares,

and later the realization that “the other” was just as human as themselves.


But, before the pain and the need, many signs of hope and love appeared.


There is redemption in suffering.

People from all walks of life joined in to help in New York.

They all felt hopeless and hopeful at the same time.

It was God’s presence in every kind word, and hot cup of coffee.


Now the emergency has ended,

the media urges us to absorb the horror and go out and buy,

they tell us that somebody is taking care of everything.

I don’t want that.


I don’t want to forget the eyes of pain,

If I don’t forget, they will give me real life:

I will remember what’s important and what is not,

I will try to find out how not to be a part of injustice and oppression,

I’ll question my comfort, my money and my right to dream.

I will pray that God may have mercy on all of us,

I certainly need it