The people of the United States are awakening to confront the reality of war. The closer the country gets to the point of war, the more voices are raised to protest against an act that only brings more violence and injustice upon all.

This time not only the peace related movements or churches have taken a stand against the war, but also people from all walks of life. Some members of congress have questioned the real intentions of engaging in this war. People have started to realize that only the interests pertaining to oil businesses e being served.

Even more,the analysis about the reasons for the war have brought about the realization that every person has a role to play in the near future. Our increasing dependence on oil has created an economy that is willing to bring death to many just to subsist.

The newspapers are full of comments from people that have expressed themselves against the war. In other instances war demonstrations have taken place in several cities and some young people have been incarcerated for it.

Why is it then, that president Bush and part of his administration insist on engaging promptly in a war without having heard or consulted with the people that elected them?

Are their personal interest weighing more than the voices of the people who will suffer and be the martyrs?

On September 11, 2001 the United States was attacked. The administration sought to punish the people involved and Al-Qaida was named as those who perpetrated the attack. Nevertheless 14 of the 17 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, as Osama Ben Ladin also is. Ben Ladin’s brother was, until two months before the attack, the advisor to the Bushes’ oil interests. After all these historic facts and after the war on Afghanistan, I don’t understand how the United States is once more after Sadam Hussein and the Iraqi people. Has this been fully expained?

I hope that the voices of people who are against war keep on raising and demonstrating. I hope that we can remember that each life is precious, not just the ones of our loved ones. I hope that we can stop this insane tendency towards evil and destruction.