CASA AZTLAN, UNIRR, CIME AND THE CENTER FOR LABOR EDUCATION will hold a press conference to announce a campaign to support the efforts of the Latino law makers that urged President Bush to support the reestablishment of the 245(i) section of the immigration law.

The approval of this matter will facilitate the adjustment of status of 500 thousand family members of U.S citizens and legal permanent residents paying a $1,000.00 fee.

The approval of the 245(i) is a human solution to the immediate relatives of U.S. citizens and Permanent residents that currently could be penalize with 3 to 10 years outside of the United States because currently they are living in the USA without documents.

We are calling all the families to start a campaign of letters to the President and Congress and we urge all the people in this situation to contact our organizations to develop a petition campaign and a lobby day in support of our Latino elected officials.

Also the section 245(i) could benefit individuals with pending applications for legal Permanente residents under the labor certification, in which the employers sponsor these individuals for their specific skills.