After been the owners of the land Native Americans now have only 538 tribes recognized as such in USA. Nevertheless the resilliance of the native people has persisted until now. The europeans tried to erase their language, their traditions and cultures, but they have passed them on from generation to generation by keeping the oral history of their people.

The christians who poulated this land called them savages, and they thought of the indians as people without a soul and maybe with the status of animals. After some time the newcomers forgot who gave them a hand. They had to learn from the indians how to fish and hunt, and how to plant the corn and eat the squash. Now after consuming the processed food that has been commercialized most of the indians suffer from obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Diseases of the west, that have been produced by manipulation and destruction of the environment and disruption of the way of life of the simple people.

The indians treated the sick with herbs and native medicine. Now they have to buy the expensive medicines produced in labs by extracting the components from the herbs and plants that the indians owned.

The indians were driven out from their lands, and were moved to barren lands they did not know. After many decades of living in the worst land, they learned the way to get into money by using the casinos. Nowadays, the have used that money to BUY the land that was theirs in order to fulfill their drams of living as communities, with ther own codes and law. An example of this are the Potowotamis who bought land in Northern Indiana and have started to build houses for their elders.

A report last year by the federal Commission on Civil Rights cited an immediate need for 200,000 housing units for Indian families.

The Winnebago tribe of Nebraska, decided to create Ho-Chunk Village. Besides an office building and a new Dollar General store near the main road, there are 4 houses at the property’s back edge, the first of 110 planned.

Are these isolated cases? No, they are not! Throughout the Americas there has been a movement of solidarity and unity of the tribes. They know that the mentality of individuality and gain brought about by the greed of the newcomers has resulted in the impoverishment of their people.

The several peoples that populated the Americas also feel as keepers of the land and anything that inhabits it, and for this they are willing to raise their voice and get organized.

They also feel the pain and sadness of other peoples been ‘conquered’ by the modern world. Places like Iraq, which is also been robbed of their valuables and their culture it is been destroyed by an unjust war.

America due to the ‘Latino’ presence everywhere presents a good market place for Spain, England, France and their descendants; therefore once more we shall receive the showing of their illustrious cultures, so that we may forget the everlasting ones associated with our true brown color.

As we continue to celebrate the Hispanic Heritage Month, and next month we will celebrate the Native American month, let us not forget that they are one and the same. When we affirm our European language, we should also affirm our Indian heritage.