The Balance between Military and Social Spending

Source: Social Watch - Gustavo Olmedo B., In Paraguay:

_Between 1995 and 2001, extreme poverty increased from 14% to 16%, and poverty increased from 30% to 34%.

_ In 2002 only 53% of the population had access to drinking water, and the sanitation system reached only 9% of the population.

_In the General Budget for 2004, social spending will fall by 11% with respect to 2003.

_From 1988 to 1999, military spending increased by 11%.

_In 2001 the poorest 20% of households received 3% of total household income, while the richest 20% commanded 60% of the income.

In the world:

Every year, US$ 50,000 million is allocated to development aid, and over US$ 1,000,000 million goes to military expenditure.

Military expenditure in 2001 totalled over US$ 1,500 million per day.

One nuclear submarine costs US$ 2,400 million, enough to vaccinate 70 million children and provide basic food for 53 million people.

840 million people are hungry today, and over 2,000 million people lack specific nutrients; women and children are the most vulnerable groups.

One out of every 7 children born in poor countries will die of malnutrition before the age of 5 years.