United States is awakening and is on its way to a new era of awareness and participation.

For a long time only a few were interested in administration policies, but nowadays we can see more and more people becoming interested in the relationship between their money and what is done with it.

It used to be that people trusted the elected politicians to do their work properly. A careful review of the current situation has shown that many things are done that are not in the best interest of the people, on the contrary the big companies are the ones ruling the state and making sure that their interests are well represented at the expense of the poor and even the middle class.

Plain people are not as plain as they seem. Everyone has a very complex composition that is based in his/her own history and that history takes place here and now. Therefore, the laws that affect their daily living and cause hardship in their lives are very much of interest to them.

Last week I attended a conference by Carlos Muñoz Jr. Two people in the audience talked about the people’s apathy towards the war and other important issues. It was also mentioned how many more people are living in poverty and something like the Katrina tragedy brings that fact to the forefront. Even though the regular media still names the hurricane as the author of the tragedy, it was not the hurricane but the flood that destroyed the city and that could have been prevented if the administration has paid attention to the people instead of diverting moneys to a war that benefits the oil companies.

People like Cindy Shehan incarnate the voice of many families that have lost or are about to lose their love ones in a war that makes no sense to them or to anybody. She started to raise her voice and many others joined her.

Even though there were more than three hundred thousand at the last march in Washington, one would expect to see many more protesting everywhere and that has not happened.

Is it because they agree with the war, the high cost of living or the way health care is done in the country? I do not think so, but there is a disconnectedness between the very progressive people who attend the marches and protests and plain people who are being ignored.

As Mr. Muñoz mentioned that night in his conference, the civil rights movement was a movement in which the people were involved. It is the people who make history. The leaders only shape and channel that action but the lesson for the present and the future is that if there is no grass roots work, there will be no change.

As I said before, there is no such thing as plain people. There are human beings full of potential and creativity that are not involved in this process to change the face and heart of the country. The leaders must find new ways to truly relate to the people and not only during election season.