Fourteen Flower Planters Installed to Beautify the Lincoln Way West Commercial Corridor

The Lincoln Way West Steering Committee and its various subcommittees, in partnership with the City of South Bend's Division of Community Development and Division of Engineering, installed 14 flower planters at key Lincoln Way West Corridor intersections.

The project was made possible by Mayor Stephen J. Luecke's Commercial Corridor Program and was funded through County Option Income Tax (COIT) revenues allocated to the Lincoln Way West Steering Committee by the City of South Bend as part of the Committee's annual funding request. ).

Profiting from Illegal Immigration?

By Domenico Maceri

"I don't want to have to be the police" stated an auto sales manager in California to justify the company's ads, which announced driver's licenses are not necessary to buy cars. The ads were aimed at selling cars to undocumented workers in California who don't qualify for driver's licenses. The car dealer is not the only one who profits from illegal immigration..


Carlos Muñoz Jr. spoke about Latinos in America at Goshen College on Sept. 28

Carlos Muñoz Jr., one of this country's most distinguished Latino scholars spoke about “Latinos and Multicultural Democracy in the USA” on Sept. 28 at 7:30 p.m. in Music Center's Rieth Recital Hall. He discussed Latino identity in the United States and the lost voice of Chicanos during the civil rights movement.