Today I bring parts of a puzzle for people to help put the pieces together. You may find the other pieces, or the implications of the following:  A commercial corridor has been created that links Mexico, USA and Canada.  The corridor contains a Mexican Customs office in Kansas City, Missouri and it will help bring goods from Asia in a speedy way.

The first time I heard about this was in a letter written to the Elkhart Truth editor several months ago.  Later, a man approached me at the Post Office and asked if I knew anything about the ‘Kansas Project’, then he proceeded to write a web address for me.

When I inquired more about the issue, other issues came to mind.

I have seen the country polarized in two different antagonistic attitudes about immigration and its implications to the US.  I have watched how undocumented immigrants have been categorized as ‘terrorists’.  

Locally it came as a shock to many that the Indiana Toll Road was for sale.  And it was a quick sale!  At the same time the general public suddenly found out that several important places in the nation had been sold or leased to foreign companies.

Also let me remind you of the scandal several months ago when control of the East Coast ports was going to be given to a South Arabian company.

The gas prizes go up and then, without any particular explanation, just before midterm election time in US, prizes suddenly go down.

Meanwhile many people are suffering the effects of outsourcing jobs abroad, creation of more cheap factories also abroad, and the importing of many food items.  

Once more I keep asking myself: “Who will benefit from all the changes that are taking place?” The workers in US and Mexico have not benefited from the NAFTA agreement.   Have you benefited from it?

I have no answers, but I see a lot of pain going around. I think it is about time we look beyond the immediate issues that distract us from the big picture. Today I am inviting you to look for yourself at some information in the following places:

North American Inland Ports Network (NAIPN)


I am not going to pose any leading questions this time.  This is an honest attempt on my part to open up dialogue and see if we can look at the future as citizens of the world, looking out for the well being of people everywhere and seeing how we are truly connected to each other.  We have a responsibility as members of the human race and inhabitants of the same planet earth.

Just as the wrong policies create poverty and chaos; so also the right decisions can be taken if the people know what is happening and can influence some discussion and action.

At El Puente we are ready to be part of this dialogue.