Interested in Immigration Issues?

Please plan to attend any or all of the following events coming up in October:

Monday, October 8 • 3rd Annual Notre Dame Forum on IMMIGRATION

3 pm • Joyce Center Arena

12 million undocumented workers reside in the United States. Should the government ignore, help, or deport them...or offer them a pathway to citizenship? This issue will be debated by national leaders, scholars, and students at Notre Dame’s third Annual Forum and at ongoing campus events throughout the 2007-08 academic year. We invite you to get inside the debate with us as we take on this challenging issue.

See for forum details.


Wednesday, October 10 • Film: From the Other Side

7 pm • Hesburgh Center Auditorium

Sometimes poor people, in an attempt to survive, risk their lives and leave everything behind to live elsewhere. But they’re not wanted elsewhere. And if they are wanted it’s for their labor, to do jobs that no one wants to do. In this film, elsewhere is the US and the poor are mostly Mexicans.

Filmmaker Chantal Akerman focuses on the border towns of Agua Prieta, Sonora, where many Mexicans wait in limbo, and neighboring Douglas, Arizona, a town ringed by mountains and desert plains—an area where the desperate ones try their luck at crossing the border.