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  • Edición impresa de Octubre 20, 2009.

The power of a few over many comes from our decision to let them fabricate our dreams and needs.  When looking at historical events one of the puzzling questions is: “How could a relatively small group of people manage to move an entire country and almost the world to think that they were doing was their right and they were powerful enough to do as they pleased?”  When you think about the Nazi’s, don’t you think: “Where were all the good people in the country who allowed all the bad things to happen? Was everyone under the gun at all times, every minute of the day? The answer is NO.  The people were under the influence of an image of power created by a few.

Those few always told them that they should be afraid of their power and they even proceed to kill in order to prove their point.  Did they themselves kill?  Usually no, they used the weakness of people under their control, ordering them to kill.  Who benefited and accumulated power and wealth in that process?  Only the few, who were on top giving orders, formulating plans and creating images, gathered strength and accumulated power.

The people that fed them, build the cities, worked the fields and carried out the orders even though they were a majority, felt powerless. What would have happened if now and then people acknowledged what they have, how they work, what they build and what they want out of life.  While reviewing we also have to review what the crowds are told they need since many of the needs are created images.

People nowadays got into debt because they thought they needed ‘more’ clothes, machines, new cars, etc.  The way programs are ingrained in us is so strong that people carry them even as they walk to freedom.

Like in the times of the biblical Egypt, the slaves were the ones who built the empire, and when they were about to leave Pharaoh and his court realized that without them, they had no power. After the people left, the empire declined and died.

But what did the slaves do?  As they were walking towards the promised land they continued to carry in their minds the images of success and idolatry that had been instilled in them. 

In keeping those images they had a very long walk through the desert always dreaming of what they wanted to have, even though it was not from their culture or their beliefs.

Welcome today to the prefabricated world of processed food, unneeded electrical appliances, artificial flowers and fabrics.  Instead of reverting to the healthy way of living of our forefathers, where fresh food was provided and healthy relations ruled, we keep striving to accumulate money. (How much is that green paper really worth?) And let us remember that the value of houses, services and such went sky high and then plummeted because in essence it was not real. Those were values created, ruled and encouraged by the ones creating power around them.

How many false images are we carrying today? How do we transmit them to our young people making them believe that only by playing according to the established rules they will succeed?  Above all who defines success and how to accomplish it? As an individual do you ever stop to think what is it that you really want and need? You will be surprised to find how many things you can drop in order not only to survive, but also to really live.

These difficult times are providing us the opportunity to free ourselves of mental bondages that created financial servitude and unhappiness. Let us shake ourselves loose of all unnecessary things to travel light to better times!






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