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Diverse Faith Communities Nationwide Launch DREAM Sabbath Campaign

Washington, DC – Thousands of America’s faithful from 45 states around the country will be participating in DREAM Sabbath, which began last week and will span through early October.  The national effort to urge Congress and the President to pass the DREAM Act features 350+ events in 45 states, including worship services, prayer meetings, conferences and educational events.  Throughout the nation, a diverse array of religious communities across the theological and ideological spectrum will offer prayers in support of the DREAM Act and lift up the personal stories of young people in their own communities who would benefit from the legislation.

Last year, the DREAM Act, a bill that would allow some undocumented immigrant students the opportunity to earn legal status if they came to the United States as children, are long-term U.S. residents, have good moral character and complete two years of college or military service, came a mere 5 votes short of passage in the U.S. Senate. This fall, faith communities are uniting with DREAM eligible youth to once again sound the clarion call of compassion and justice and push for immigration policies that do not unfairly punish youth for the acts of their parents. The DREAM Sabbath represents an unprecedented show of support for immigrant youth from diverse religious communities across the country.  The movement not only encompasses leaders and congregations from every major U.S. faith tradition, including Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Jewish and Muslim, but it also involves events and participation from far outside traditional centers of support.

Throughout the 3-week campaign, faith communities will hear the stories of DREAM eligible youth in communities as diverse as Elkin,

North Carolina; Cincinnati, Ohio; Davenport, Iowa; Lincoln, Nebraska; Salt Lake City, Utah; and San Diego, California.

Over the next two weeks, events will take place across the country, including:

•On October 14, congregations from around San Jose, CA, will come together for “DREAM Appaloosa”.  Faith leaders, state and local elected officials and hundreds of participants from local congregations will gather in the park behind St. Joseph’s Cathedral to celebrate with music, songs, prayer, poetry and DREAM testimonies. Participants will continue the call for the National DREAM Act and are hopeful to also celebrate the anticipated signing of the second half of the CA DREAM Act legislation.

•Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) plans to observe the DREAM Sabbath at a number of places in his home state. For example, on October 15, he will join the Anshe Sholom B’nai Israel Congregation, a Modern Orthodox temple, in hearing a local DREAM Act student address the congregation.

In addition to hundreds of events, local leaders have hosted press calls over the last week in several states, including, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and North Carolina, where clergy and DREAM eligible youth are highlighting the events in their state as a part of the national DREAM Sabbath campaign. Involving nearly every major religious denomination in America, DREAM Sabbath is being organized by the Interfaith Immigration Coalition in partnership with the United We Dream Network, the grassroots movement of undocumented immigrant youth, and longtime DREAM Act champion and sponsor, U.S. Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL).

For more information on DREAM Sabbath and events across the nation visit:




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