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  • Edición impresa de Octubre 18, 2011

Protests nationwide and worldwide

People in 951 cities in 82 countries have united to demand a global change to the greed that has taken over the world and is affecting millions everywhere. The global demonstrations began on the same day that finance ministers and central bankers from the Group of 20 nations met in Paris to discuss solutions to the debt crisis engulfing Europe.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has extended to cities in United States and also abroad.  And now not only residents of the big cities are gathering to protest, but even locally in small cities like South Bend, Fort Wayne and Elkhart there have been demonstrations.

The unemployed, the uninsured, the evicted, indebted students, homeless veterans and all the 99% affected by the current economy are raising their voices and manifesting their discontent with the way decisions are being made and how the most powerful have taken control of the economy in detriment to the general populations worldwide.

Through their gatherings, people have started to recognize each other, listening and caring for each other. They also are getting the support and solidarity of small businesses, individuals, churches and all those who understand that a change must take place in order for people to feel human again.  They also are finding out that trading deals have ruined the social and financial fabric of peoples throughout the world.

Most trade agreements and laws are structured to benefit the powerful while displacing common folk from their lands and way of life.  The laws that initially are drawn as means to regulate daily civil life, little by little become the rules that make the powerful richer, dis-empowering those who cannot access the political and legal structures in order to change them.

Some are expecting a dark omen on the passing to the year 2012.  There is word about ancient prophecies and a general feeling of Armageddon.  Change is taking place, and it is happening now.

For sometime young people have felt so hopeless and disenfranchised that many have turned to drugs and other sorts of escape.  The young people are leading this movement.  They are tired of how things are run and they do want a different kind of world.  The world as we know it now does not answer to the dreams and expectations of the majority, therefore a change is taking place.

Many mistakes will probably take place, but the new relationships, and wanting to empower communities instead of corporations will bring about a better future for all.

The change may take longer than expected and it must have an answer to each other and to the environment.  The false scarcity created by corporate greed in order to manipulate resources, will give place to a more sensible way to use the resources and share them without the excessive accumulation by a few that now takes place.

This is one of the most exciting times in history.  We are witnessing and are being part of the change of an economic and social mode to a new one.  There is hope, and love and the possibility of peace if we care for each other and decide to do something about it.





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