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  • Edición impresa de Octubre 2, 2012

There has been more action around local events that about the coming elections.

I wonder if that means that there is no interest in what happens, or if people are turning to changing things locally without all the fruitless discussion that takes place at the political level.

Annie Leonard in one of her articles says: “ Our real power is not in choosing from items on a limited menu; it is in determining what gets on that menu”. I agree with her. I think people are getting tired of choosing between bad and worst in every election. The reason for this is that the menu of possible candidates has been pre-chosen from those who had more money power.

People are not content with the current president, nor do they want the Republican candidate either. Nevertheless, they feel that they must participate and vote. Meanwhile a more important change is taking place. Those who feel that the United States is doomed and there is no hope of change may not be reading the changes that are taking place in many communities throughout the country.

We are being reminded that changes take place, not because individuals in high places make the changes, but because the people themselves get together and turn around the issues, and they do make the changes.

Even though we are constantly hit by the news of the ‘bad weather’, drought, war, crimes and more, people continue to live and love and do their share of good things proving that there is plenty of life and abundance in the country.

Good things cannot be mandated, they grow out of the spirit of the people. You cannot order kindness or sharing.

It is fantastic to see that even though the summer drought has affected a multitude of people, there still are celebrations everywhere, and apples and corn continue to appear at each celebration. The abundance that comes from the heart has ways of stretching what exists. In a way it is like the multiplying of fish and bread from the Bible. Out of nothing, an enormous crowd was fed.

It is during the hardest times when people, united for the common good, have been able to create that multiplying miracle. Life is a continuous celebration of life itself that goes around and about changing scarcity into abundance, sadness into joy. Whenever there is a problem, there is always something good to capitalize on, and to move forward.

Do not let yourself become negatively affected by what the current news may bring, instead as a mental productive exercise, look for the one positive thing that you can build on at an individual level. Also, remember that real change at community level does not take place unless you and others gather around a common issue and work on it together.

There is a place for voting, and there is a more urgent need to continue life with others. Election time must not be the end itself, it is just a pause to gather strength and join others for real change.






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