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  • Edición impresa de Octubre 7, 2014

Autumn is here, which means that most of the crops have been gathered or are about to be picked. Winter is around the corner and everyone is getting ready for changes, but also to enjoy a time of accomplishment for the achievements so far.

The presence of new immigrants blending with the old ones is also happening. Like an improved crop, people from many countries have learned to live together. Remembering the past, yet creating a new present and future.

Latinos are part of that reality in US. Having been here even before the English arrived, but due to emphasis on Spanish influence there is a tendency to highlight the language, disregarding the fact that most Latinos are part Indian.

The skin color of many Latinos, in any of its many shades, corresponds to the presence of the Indian roots of the original owners of the continent.

Nevertheless along came the English and French, and later colonizers from most European countries, who came to the Americas and either killed or blended with the indigenous peoples of the continent. It was not only United States, but also the entire continent that welcomed the foreigners from Europe.

Nowadays the tribes that still populate the Americas do not celebrate October 12. Instead they denounce the plundering and genocide of their peoples at the hands of the newcomers that stole the land and the resources and turned the people into slaves or second-class beings. Even to this day the natives of the Americas have to fight for recognition and a place in society while the mixed blooded Latinos also share part of their fate.

Time takes care of things in unexpected ways. There is an increase of biracial, bicultural and bi-national children in US. What are they? Are they Mexican or American? Are they Arab or American? Are they Mexican-Arab Americans? Are their loyalties to the places where their parents came from, or to the land that they have always known?

When you look at someone can you immediately tell where his/her family is from?

I know of someone whose parents and grandparents came from Belize, Korea, and Spain. She was raised in US and speaks English and Korean. Where is she from? What can we expect from her and millions others who also share a mixed background? The question is turning out to be; Don’t you have a mixed background? Europeans before arriving here also had their share of invasions and peoples mixing.

Therefore, time has changed the composition of this country. There is no turning back. Even more, everyday we get closer to an increased participation of people of Latino, Chinese, Philipino, Arabic or other backgrounds in the general fabric of society.

When you find a person of Chinese or Latino ancestry acting as Governor, congressperson or ambassador do you ask them when did they arrive? And in your next visit to the doctor or dentist, when you find out that the person in front of you has a different look, and you find out that his/her family came from India, Cuba or El Salvador, do you question their credentials because of their family origin?

New waves of immigrants have arrived and continue to do so, and each one of them brings the promise of an improved crop born of the need to do better, and live in peace.

Maybe it is time to remember that we are all sojourners and the land is His. Everyone has the right to enjoy a place of contentment through work and the opportunity to share with others.




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