Listening to the daily news, with the increasing emphasis on possible threats, I remembered an old story.

Once upon a time there was a hermit who lived on top of a mountain. He had dedicated himself to peace and meditation. One day death came to visit him. She said: “ Because you have tried so much to be in peace with everyone, you deserve to know that I’ll come upon your city tonight and I’ll take 10.000 people with me”.

The man looked at death and continued to meditate.

The next day, someone from the city came to tell him that 100.000 people had died the night before. After the visitor left, he called death. Death appeared before the hermit who complained:

“ You said, you would take ten thousand souls with you last night, but people said that more than one hundred thousand died in an earthquake. You lied to me!” And death answered :”I did not lie! I took only ten thousand; the others left out of their own fear !”

We live for the future. Since our childhood, we are taught to learn so that the future will be better. In order to be prepared, we don’t let our children have a real childhood; it has to be “enhanced” and improved so that their future is better. Since we have to get ready for the future, create assets, and build some retirement fund, there is no time for friends.

Of course, there is no time to watch the stars, and if we listen to music it has to be while doing something so that no time is wasted.

At the end our basket is empty of dreams or satisfaction. When death comes, we realize that there is only fear. Our life has been emptied of anything of value. If we can live as if death could come for us tonight, maybe fear would not take us first.

It’s just a thought.