Good news is spreading all over the world. People are finding once more that they can make a differen-ce if they care. If you pay attention to the news through the regular channels you will find that the world is a very somber place. War is ready to appear at every corner and it seems that we may as well just sit and pray.

Nevertheless, if one could talk with people in every town in the United States they would probably tell about an anti-war or pro-peace demonstration in their area. We never hear about those. We also didn’t hear much about the huge demonstration to protest against war that took place in Washington a short while ago.

Individuals are finding out that theirs is not the only dissident voice, but that abroad also, many others have joined in demonstrations against the war.

People from all religions are praying, with the profound know-ledge that violence and death are not a good crop to sow.

I am not talking just about far away demonstrations. There have been peace rallies both in Goshen and South Bend. People have congregated formally and informally to talk about the war-like situation.

Even though there has been a strong attempt to misinform, people are seeing more clearly now the interests behind this war.

I think the light is shinning and spreading. Love and kindness are more powerful than hate and death. Maybe those forces do not appear with the same power to make the headlines, but they are more resi-lient and withstand time. The histo-ry of resistance on earth has always been stronger and more time lasting than the power of selfishness andinjustice. Each one of us can help the light shine brighter, joining others in any effort for peace.