It is a leap of faith when we at El Puente decide to do something new. This is our first attempt in providing a second monthly edition to the public. For some time people had been asking us to run the publication more often, so here it is. Thanks to the Lord who has provided the people, the resources and a way of doing it.

At local level I would like to comment on the elections. In Elkhart County the two Latino candidates represented us with great dignity. Both Aracelia Manriquez running for Trustee and Rosy Meza de Nuttle running for County Prosecutor took a courageous first step in the political arena. They presented good ideas and the public responded to them, yet they had no previous experience on the field. Thank you to both of them, since these efforts open the door for them and others from the Latino community to participate at that level. Let’s not forget that just a few years ago Indiana had hardly any Latinos in the territory.

At national and international levels we continue to be concerned about the possibility of war. We also continue to be concerned about the lack of understanding on world issues that makes most people look at issues only through the lense of a western society that is used to living in abundance.

If you want peace, work for justice. That is a golden rule that underlines reality in domestic issues, international issues and in any relationship. Violence appears first in subtle ways, indicating that something is wrong in a relationship. When those manifesta-tions are brushed away, violence escalates.

The toll we pay for not paying attention to each other is that very soon both parties are involved in a violent relationship. Usually the party in control, read this as “in power,” has a way of disregarding the just claims, or gives small concessions in order to quiet down the ill feelings. Nevertheless if injustice is not addressed, violence escalates and explodes.

We can not hide from the situations that our way of life cause. The world situation gives us the opportunity to think about the places of conflict and how they came about.

We can see those in our home country or where we live. We also have the opportunity to join others in order to discuss and do something about the unjust situations. Now that the holidays are near, more than ever let’s hope for a better New Year, and let’s do something about it.