Acknowledging our needs, and knowing how they have been covered, gives us the opportunity to be profoundly grateful for what we have.

On this Thanksgiving Day I would like to invite the people in this area to give thanks for the presence of the many immigrants to this country.

The legal and undocumented immigrants to this country have helped build the houses and clean them. They are the ones who have taken the humble jobs that others do not want to do.

The immigrants have work in the fields, orchards and gardens to help this land be fruitful and beautiful.

Every restaurant has cooks and maids from the many nationalities who serve the wonderful food that gets to your table.

The immigrants coming from every corner on earth have gathered here and with them they bring their music, their food, their traditions and the great capability for hard work.

The current culture of the United States has broaden with the input of the high skills of foreign students, technicians, doctors and scholars. Nevertheless, the common worker is no less. He/she came here because United States was there at their countries first. Their lives became poor, because the big money displaced them. Yet, they came not as terrorists, but as workers. The immigrants have not destroyed the country, on the contrary they have helped build the country.

As we gather for the Thanksgiving meal, we may pray in thankfulness for the produce that was picked by the hands of the poor, the poultry that has been processed in factories where the immigrants have no insurance and no rights. The potatoes come from the states where the migrant workers have helped in the fields. The same can be said for any product that comes to our table.

And when the time comes to relax and enjoy the music, the presence of people from Africa, the Americas, and the Caribbean is there.

There is a lot of need in this country and not all of it is from the poor.

We need each other, because there is a lot to be done. So let us be grateful for the people who labor. A life without the people who are different from you would lack many of the good things that surround you now.

This Thanksgiving Day could be a turning point, to a day where we acknowledge the opportunity of love that God has given us all..