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Here it is. Rachel

Gratitude and abundance go hand in hand, yet sometimes it is difficult to see their close link.  When we look at the time when the pioneers decided to be thankful for their time in this new land, I can just picture some of the very uncomfortable things that surrounded them.

They were in a foreign land and scarcity had been a reality in their lives.  If it were not for the generosity of the Indians they would have starved. 

Nevertheless the Indians did not lack anything and abundance was there for all; it only took some teaching and learning to change to a new mentality of being thankful for the new place and adjusting to receive the bounty.

The pilgrims could have chosen to complain and cry about the many comforts they lacked according to their previous standard of living.  They did not come from a wealthy environment, but they aspired to have one as royalty had in the old continent. They wanted the richness, good food, big houses, etc. Instead they were in a place where the weather and food were completely different. There was no housing and they had to start from scratch to create their dwellings, cultivate the food and learn how to prepare it in new ways.

I think many women must have complained about how to do their household tasks and many men felt completely out of place with no definite role to play.  After a year of hardship, instead of crying about what they didn’t have, they decided to celebrate a new life!

You may think that life has not been pleasant lately, and that is probably true.  For those who have lost a job, had to leave their house, fill employment applications every day and have been supported by food stamps, or other means, life has been downright unpleasant. Nevertheless maybe there is another way to look at it.

If you do your own inventory of assets, you will find that there are many more that you have not taken into consideration. Your health is good, or at least stable. You have found new people ready to help you.  You realize that your house was full of a lot of extra stuff; your family has been ready to surround you with love and support, etc.

At this time of the year are you ready to be thankful for what you have and who you are?

Having a national Thanksgiving Day is more than turkey, lots of other food and a big family party. For many of us coming from places where there is no tradition of a day of thanks, this could be an opportunity to have a new outlook at life, picking up a tradition that enhances life and has not been completely commercialized.

We do not have to imitate the tradition of turkey and fixings, but we may take the day to count our blessings, enjoy family and friends and gather strength for what lies ahead.

We also have the opportunity to look at abundance not just as monetary, but also abundance of love, abundance of health, and all other types of abundance.

We can develop the skill of finding abundance and been thankful for it, bringing more abundance to our life instead of a spirit of scarcity, and liberating our creativity to look at life under a different lens.

Have a fulfilling Thanksgiving and holidays full of hope!






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