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Changing is the flow of life. Nothing stays the same, not even death. If we acknowledge that we are just one part of the universe, one more of the species in the planet then we may be ready to admit that, like it or not, there is change, and we are part of it.

Taking a look at history, we can observe how the change from one era to another caused hardship, confusion and a sense of loss to many; none the less things changed.

Feudal lords were no longer in control of kingdoms, women changed and young peoples’ roles, and for those that were too attached to the old ways they no longer had the power to hold back history.

Currently the First World is experiencing a frustrating state of things. The 99% of their subjects are voicing a just claim and no longer want to be lead by the 1% who has taken away from them their livelihood, and peace. The first world has watched protests in many cities in every country. The voices have not been entirely clear, but one thing is: they are not satisfied with the current conditions. People who would unlikely have been on common ground, are finding that they have been used and abused by a corrupt monetary system that has no respect for their lives or the life of the planet.

Politicians have begun to be judged by their acts that most of the times do not match their promises. People are questioning where the campaign moneys come from and have started to see how the lobbyists have taken control of the government. Even more, the international companies are a worldwide power that has written the law in each country and such laws benefit only their interests. It has to be mentioned also how the military and police forces, created and strengthened by the money interests, are always ready to enforce the unjust laws that work not for individuals but for corporations.

NAFTA, the Free Trade Agreement that started in 1994 and began displacing peasants and low-income people from Mexico to United States, has been the cause of the immigration issues in US. This same phenomenon has taken place in many other Third World Countries in relation to United States, Japan and Europe.

At the beginning the cheap workforce from other countries was quite welcomed, today they are disposable because their work is no longer needed.

In another trade maneuver that causes problems abroad. US has signed the TLC agreement with Colombia, disregarding the presence of Human Rights violations and the protests of ample sections of the population.

Will the people from Colombia, Panama or Korea benefit from those trade agreements? Will the workers in US benefit from them? Probably not. Once more, like the poverty that NAFTA created, TLC will create huge negative impact here and there.

Is this related to the reality of small and big cities in US? I think so because the food that you buy has been genetically altered, chemically loaded and there is pollution that reaches your table. Think of the interests that sell the chemicals, buy out the land from the peasants, switch from nature based farming to single-crop planting, etc.

Not only food is related to this issue, but being the most elemental one, it is an invitation to look carefully at how the country has been sold out once more under our very noses.





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