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The US philosophy toward others is that people should be ‘empowered’. Does that mean to be raised to the same level as they are? We are talking about a country, which uses more than its share of the world resources. Then we could start using the term ‘des-empower’ in the US until their citizens have only their equal share in the world.

In that case, many of the problems that overabundance causes, such as obesity, diabetes, addictions to alcohol, sex, and especially to drugs, would be almost erased from the population.

The world does not need the scraps from the US table. What the world needs are people that eat less, consume less and above all demand less from their fellows on earth.

The development of the so-called ‘underdeveloped world’ calls for indigenous peoples to forget about they way they eat; instead they can learn to eat Kellogg and under nutritious but over fattening processed food. They should also forget about community possessions. Instead they should all learn how to have their own TV set, stove, and if possible, a microwave.

And why do people still sit by the fire to exchange stories while they share their food, when each could be watching his/her own TV program or be in the internet while they become interested in new products to fill their lives? Instead of long walks to the store, or neighbors, they can learn to buy fast cars, and static bikes to control their weight.

Several years ago, while I lived in Colombia, I remember many barefooted children and adults in a poor neighborhood in a coast town; they were sitting outside the house watching “Dallas”. How impressive did all those women look with their long, shiny low-necked dresses! Those characters did not have to work; they had ‘big problems, and plenty of money to solve them. One may conclude that it only takes money to solve all your personal problems, including the love-related ones.

So again, when we talk about empowering are we concerned with the quality of life of others? Or are we looking for new clients for our ‘developed’ technology?

Do we have the right to over exploit the earth, until we exhaust its resources and have nothing left for future generations?

Can we tell the indigenous peoples in places like Colombia, that they will be next in the list of invaded places in order to take hold of the oil that exists under their lands? Or maybe we can tell the indigenous peoples who are going to be affected by other plans that their lands will be taken away, in order to have ‘progress’, in terms of a lot of new roads to bring in more foreign products to their land, including ‘transgenic corn’?

At the a time thousands of millions in every country are nervously watching the changes in US, many of them know that what really matters is that the people in this country start thinking about how their situation affects the rest of the world, and accordingly be able to change, both individually and collectively.

The thousands of immigrants coming undocumented into the country, and the thousands who died in their effort to come, are a cry of the world lamenting their own places destroyed by the greed of the transnational enterprises. Among them, many prophets have arrived to US, and they have been telling their stories, and calling on people to listen and change. God has loved this country so much, that He has sent people from all corners of the earth, to live in the midst of this richness that speaks about the misery of others. Remember, they do not want the ‘generosity ‘ of the scraps; they just want to be able to enjoy what the Lord gave them in their own country, without any foreign interference.




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