There is no peace in Jerusalem today. There is no joy in Bethlehem.

As we enter this new century there is no real progress in humankind.

The Holy land to Jews, Christians and Moslems continues to be the main place of war instead of peace in the world.

This season that is supposed to be full of joy and peace is going to be difficult in many places on earth. The Christian world gets ready to celebrate the coming of the Saviour, but that celebration has been changed into a commercial time of overspending.

There is a very dark side to all the latest events. The news focus more and more on the technical advances used to kill and destroy. The good news message seems lost in the midst of the noises of war. Nevertheless, in the midst of all this, individuals start to turn to true values represented in family and love even if it means less money and comfort.

There is a renewed search for God and goodness. People have gathered all over the world to pray and also to talk about differences and commonalities. Others have demonstrated against the war.

As we gather this Advent season, let us remember those who are in the midst of conflict now, and think how we would like to be remembered by others if we were in their place.