The Christmas story is a story not only of peace, but also of love, and resistance. It pictures a regular family having to leave their homeland in order to comply with orders imposed by the rulers. Probably at that time, the common people felt the oppression and burden of a life with difficulties.

In bad times the people may feel the burden of a tight economic situation, they also pay the consequences of bad political decisions, nevertheless they are resilient and carry within them the power of life, the life in every one of us that refuses to give up under bad circumstances.

The Christmas story teaches us of a baby born to bring us peace. He was here on earth and walked with the humble, the poor and the sick. He chose his immediate followers from the common people and the miracle of love and life has continued to this day.

As we continue to hear about wars, and the increasing armed conflicts in the world, I hope we can remember the stories of resistance in the face of adversity of people at those same places.

There are excellent examples of stories of resistance from the Afro-American, the Native Americans and Latinos among others in this country. Peoples that for generations have had to endure the imposition of others in their lives.

The same stories appear in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Colombia, Venezuela, and other places where the will of a small group of people enslaves the lives of others.

Yet, in those same places, women continue to give birth. That is the message of life. As human beings we have not learned the lesson of love and we continue to let violence dictate the rule over us. At the same time we have to strive for lessons of courage and hope in daily living that let us see the wonderful gift of life that God has given us.

Just as the people in power at the time of Jesus, feared His coming. the people in power now fear the courage and resilience that God has imparted to the common people.

It is in daily living, and loving where we break the spell cast by a culture that feeds on violence and hate.

Christmas is not about presents. Christmas is about sharing love and understanding with others. Dare to live the Christmas spirit. Feliz Navidad!