We are living in magical times and in this magical kingdom, fear is getting to be the spell that holds all of us in the reign of darkness. It is time to remember that advent celebrates the coming of peace and light on earth.

If peace is to be with us, we are to move towards justice, therefore winning over fear.

Fear is based on things that we ignore, since we have no knowledge of them, we can be told any number of things and we are ready to believe them.

Because I don’t trust my heart and listen to the media, I would have to fear the biochemical warfare, the nuclear menace, the terrorist attacks and I will have to spend my life concentrating in keeping away from such harm by isolating myself and making sure that I will protect myself and my family. People who lived under the Nazi terror, or the government of tyrants have gone through that. And the tyrant took advantage of their fear and subjected them even more under his rule.

I wonder what could have happened if many of the people of that time had decided to live without fear. Maybe by their numbers and acting in good faith they would have conquered.

We are not only fearful of big things. We are also fearful of not succeeding in life. We fear poverty, sickness and not being accepted. Daily life is full of fears that turns us into daily cowards, because we don’t dare live our lives according to principles and conscience. Instead we accommodate to the standards set by the rulers.

Because we fear we don’t do our daily deed for justice, and problems increase because of the poverty and violence that we have helped to accumulate. We have to take a stand. If we are in fear we don’t work for peace and justice, instead we hide and let terror grow to magical proportions until it covers everything and everyone.

In the reign of magic, only love conquers over the spell.

Let the year 2003 be a time of love and the way to peace because in daily live we have worked for justice. Let us search within our own hearts to see in how many ways we are unjust to the ones that surround us and let’s have the courage to change. Let there be peace on earth as intended by the Lord. Let’s receive the present of His love and light that casts away the darkness of selfishness. Let’s submit ourselves to His kingdom of justice and love for all. Merry Christmas and a New Year of Peace for All!