Four levels of Conversational Spanish classes, offered by the Goshen Adult Literacy Program, will begin in January.

Levels one and two will be held on Tuesday evenings January 14 ­ March 25 at Goshen High School. Levels 3 and 4 will be held on Monday evenings January 20 ­ March 31 at Goshen Public Library. The cost for 20 hours of instruction is $80.

The focus in all classes is on speaking and understanding spoken Spanish. Level one is for the very beginner. It covers pronunciation and basic words and phrases and 3 present tense verbs. Level 2 includes more practice with everyday conversation, increasing knowledge of present tense verbs. Levels 3 and 4 begin instruction in past and future tenses and more complex sentence structures. Many students choose to repeat a level to gain a solid basis for going on to the next level. For further practice, students have the opportunity to be partnered with an Hispanic adult student who is studying English.

To receive information or a registration form, call 533-2287 and leave your fax number or your name and address. You may get a registration form on-line at Class size is limited and registrations and deposits are due by Monday, January 13.