Some years ago, I had a dream. In it I saw the map of the United States like from a plane, and I could see thousands and thousands of dots moving south. As I got closer, I could see a caravan of people with their families and personal belongings in their cars, driving towards the southern border. At the same time people in towns and cities looked at them in disbelief, and started to question how their town or city could live without those who were marching away from the place.

The Egyptians probably felt the same at the time of Moses, when their cheap labor was declared free and they moved out of captivity. The people who lived in the old Goshen always thought they could not survive without the rulers, and the rulers never even considered what their situation would be like if the slaves left.

The situation of the immigrants in this country has many similarities. There is a continuous movement against them, and there is no serious acknowledgement of their importance, especially to the economy and the standard of living in this country.

Finally after many years of taking upon themselves all sorts of actions that limit their activities, immigrants have decided to send a clear and loud message of how their presence is absolutely necessary throughout the country. The immigrants came to US to work, and if they stop doing so, people who take their work for granted will start to notice what a day without Latino immigrants would be like.

In order to function in this society the minimum tool needed is to have a driver’s license. Without a license, you may not have car insurance or license plates. Also, without a legal ID you cannot have a bank account or any financial document.

The administration acknowledges that there are millions of undocumented workers in the country. These workers are contributing to the accumulation of wealth; yet they cannot have any peace of mind and are always threatened during their daily activities, thinking about deportation, therefore losing their way of supporting their families here and abroad.

"La Huelga" scheduled for this past Friday December 12, in California, gathered widespread support. The organizers asked for all supporters to not go to work, not send their children to school and not buy any products or services on Friday December 12, 2003.

The workers are finding their strength in what they do best, their work. Like the slaves at one point in history, they are also looking for their freedom

The silent revolution of the Tortilla has reached a new stage. The Mexican and Latino workers in general have always known that their work is very important in this country. Now they want others also to know.