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My opinion on current issues

Violence is all over the world. People get scared and feel threatened by the ongoing wars that may be national, global, or even local. Sadly, violent acts in Latino nations are seen worldwide. People feel hopeless. But what happens when our neighbor’s brother or sister gets killed? People feel even more threatened and angry. They know they are not capable of protecting the innocent people who are part of these horrifying acts of violence.

Father Alberto was the guest speaker at the Roosevelt Center on Saturday November 13, 2010, and he was going to talk about the similarities between Columbia and Mexico.

My mind was open to any discussion and to any new knowledge about this ongoing problem. As father Alberto talked I started noticing how he has fought for people’s right and how he wants this problem to end.

As a Latino community we need to learn the reasons why all these people are dying. We need to contact politicians and bring new ideas to solve this ongoing problem. If people don’t speak out they cannot be heard and good ideas go to waste. As father Alberto said: “The government doesn’t need for this ongoing drug war to end.” As I sat listening to the words of this wise man I tried to figure out the reasons why our government does not come up with better ideas for combating the problem of violence.

Money is what makes the world turn. People think that earning money in whatever way is better than living in a society that is safe and clean a place where they can live in peace and harmony with others and nature.

Many say that knowledge is power. So what does it mean when people are not informed about why the countries of South and Central America are at war within their own countries. There are people that since the 70’s until now who have been working to end the drug wars and the killings of innocent people. They want people to know and think about why people are doing these horrific things. In this century we need to see change actually happen. This means that our Latino communities need to get together and talk about personal experiences, resources, and good ideas that can bring about actual change.

In order for people to be heard they need to speak out. Communities that believe in change should publicize their ideas about what can bring a better future-to-future generation. The Internet is one very good way to get information out to a wide audience. Realistically, producing change may sound impossible, but knowledge is the first step to change. People need to be aware of what is going on in Mexico, South and Central America so that they can get involved. Knowledge is what brings people together and starts movements. I learned that if one person has a bright idea and then it’s linked to someone else’s idea, things happen. So let’s get involved and learn about our culture and what has brought it to where we are now. Parents need to educate their children in a manner that brings positive thoughts and attitudes. We, as the new future, need to show that even though we won’t totally end the drug wars, the killings, and the misunderstanding in our nations, we can take big steps to improve our society.

At the end of Father Alberto’s discussion he asked if many people had any questions and I noticed that many people were angry and that what they were saying had some much to do with today’s society mentality and that starts with us the youth




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