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  • Edición impresa de Diciembre 18, 2012

El Puente has reached its final edition for the year 2012.  We feel very privileged to have been part of the communities where the newspaper arrives.

Once more we can see that people are feeling hopeful and there are new businesses and activities.   For some time there was a feeling of uncertainty and no one wanted to start new enterprises, or engage in activities or events that could be affected by the political climate.

The Democratic victory brought about a sense of relief, expectación of favorable changes especially for the immigrants that have yet to solve their legal status in the country.  Everyday we hear about cutting of benefits and services in cities, towns, schools, etc.  Times have changed and United States, even though it has plenty of resources, also has an enormous debt that will be difficult to manage.

Reading the news one cannot imagine how the economic future is going to be handled. Tragedies like the one that took place a few days ago in Connecticut, where a number of children and some adults were killed at a school, makes us realize how sacred life is. We all felt violated by that senseless act that brought so much pain to the families and the entire country.  People responded almost in unison as they had responded to the Sandy storm that killed and injured so many!

We all have felt touched by these tragedies and there is a general wish to change things for the better and not leave people isolated in their pain.

There is hope in United States! We often do not affirm it and sometimes we don’t even see it, because we are getting accustomed to hearing bad news.  We expect the worse is going to materialize any minute, and to take us by assault.  Once that happens we will be alone.  Nobody is going to care.  There will be no place to go or person to turn to.

But every tragedy has tested the souls of millions of individuals that have moved not only to help, but also to show that they care.

When we take a look at the last few holyday seasons locally, we have to admit that they looked pretty grim. Many of the Christmas decorations and lights that were usually seen in homes and stores were absent for about three years. Times were tough, and there was a need for austerity.  The generous spirit that moves people to provide for others less fortunate seemed dormant.  There were those who could no longer provide help because they were also hurting and lacking resources.

Now, a lot of people have gone back to work, and they are able to provide more for their families. And if there is more income, likewise there is more money to be spent, and because of that, more people are employed, more services are required and suddenly there is movement everywhere.

Besides the relative improvement in terms of money, this year has left us a greater sense of awareness for others. We are more aware of the needs of others, and how many times a friendly face, a smile, a good wish, were very important.

Yes, there have been changes in these years, 2012 was a challenge, but I believe we became stronger.  With the lessons learned we can face the coming year, trying to do better and be there for each other.

El Puente wishes each one of you ‘¡Feliz Navidad!’ and a New Year full of promises.




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